Génération XX, Transform the Niche into the Norm

This interview was done before Laura Brown started Phoenix. It gives a great insight of how she became an expert regarding sustainability questions for SMs and how she built her way into the fashion world.

Recap from the Generation XX website :

” Laura is the founder of ETHIPOP, a collective of responsible creators and an accompanying program for those who want to create the brands of tomorrow.
Since I discovered the negative impacts of fashion on our society and our environment (thanks to the documentary “The True Cost”), I am close to those who are keen to transform this industry to make it more transparent, more respectful, more “impacting” (positively this time). Among them, there is Laura Brown, committed on all fronts and whose vision is simply summarized: “we must make the niche, the standard”.
In this episode, Laura tells us about her career in real estate and her reconversion in the fashion world. She tells us about her experience as a manager at Printemps Haussmann and how taking a step back and a vacation allowed her to give life to her project: Ethipop. We discuss the new face of ethical fashion and what it means to be a “social” entrepreneur. Laura also gives us her Anglo-Saxon inspirations and tells us about her many upcoming projects. Very good listening!” (The podcast is in French) – Siham Jibril

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